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Valentine’s Day Massage


Aloha and happy February!
Winter is halfway over, the days are getting longer, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.
Aloha Boston Massage wants to help you make this a memorable holiday for yourself and that special someone.

What better way to heat up the season and honor Cupid than with a relaxing massage?
It’s a gift that your sweetheart will never forget.


Here are seven great reasons to say “I love you” with a massage this Valentine’s Day:

1) It’s low-carb and easier on your blood sugar (and hips) than a Russell Stover chocolate sampler.

2) Shoveling snow is hard work after a Nor’easter. Thank your loved one for all of that hard work with the promise of having those knots kneaded out.

3) It is cheaper and easier to book than dinner for two (or even one) at O-Ya.

4) Natural and healthy, it is non-GMO and appeals to every taste: no dairy, gluten, peanuts, pesticides, additives, preservatives, artificial colors or sweeteners added!

5) A massage is a much grander gesture than a last-minute Hallmark card or stuffed puppy holding a heart.

6) Of course she loves you, but this is a way to guarantee that she leaves fully satisfied. (Uh, relaxed, that is…haha!)

7) For all of the single folks, show your appreciation to the greatest loved one of all: yourself!

So, what are you waiting for? Buy a gift certificate or book your Valentine’s Day massage today!


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Blizzard of 2013


New Englanders are making noises about how Nemo harkens back to the big bad blizzard of 1978. The lack of technology and preparedness left scores of folks stranded in their cars on I-95. It also left the region with a hefty price tag: $520 million in 1978 dollahs, which equals about $1.85 BILLION in modern, inflation-adjusted terms.


When I heard Governor Deval Patrick’s “driving ban” the libertarian in me recoiled. I had no desire, of course, to drive in the tempest. But the government-sanctioned proscription of it suddenly made me want to hop into my heated leather seats an joyspin down Washington Street.

I didn’t. Instead I:

  • charged all of my Mac electronics
  • baked peanut butter cookies, broccoli potato medallions, and a random mash of perishable items best used before dawn
  •  double-checked my stash of Ikea votive candles
  • Netflixed “The Day After Tomorrow” to see how bad things could be…say, if I lived in a dystopian version of Manhattan


A buried Saab and eight hours of shoveling are pretty much all I had to show for my trouble. These hardcore Yankees got me beat.

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